Kristin Aschenbrenner Named Program Specialist


DES MOINES—The Safe School Certification Program has announced its selection of Kristin Aschenbrenner as its program specialist. Kristin will assist the Program Director and Advisor and will be responsible for helping Iowa schools navigate the certification process.

Kristin is a graduate of Drake University where she earned her undergraduate degree in history, graduating with honors. Kristin received her Masters of Education, graduating Magna Cum Laude, from DePaul University in Chicago. Kristin began her professional career as an elementary school teacher, where she implemented mentoring programs for at-risk students and helped the vast majority of her classes graduate at or above grade level in reading. Recently, Kristin worked for South Dakota Advocacy Network for Women where she organized and represented twenty-one organizations on issues covering education, healthcare, reproductive rights, and poverty.

“We are thrilled to have Kristin as our specialist. Her organizing experience will allow us to provide support to Area Education Agencies across the state. Her real-world experience in the classroom will be particularly helpful as schools seek to implement best practices that are known to create safe schools for all students,” said program director, Brent Robins.

The Safe School Certification Program is an innovative program that is helping schools realize the necessary steps needed to make their school one of the safest in the nation. It builds upon Iowa’s Safe Schools Law, helping schools implement it with fidelity while adopting best practices for sustaining safe and supportive learning environments.

The program is fee-free, incentive based and completely voluntary. Schools get one-on-one, year-round support from staff, tools for school safety and the prestige of becoming safe school certified. The certification program is part of the Iowa Department of Education’s federally funded Iowa Safe and Supportive Schools Program.