Make It Real Manual

Every student in Iowa has a right to a safe learning environment.  In 2007, Iowa took action to deliver on this promise by passing two important laws that now serve to protect all students in schools and colleges from daily harassment, bullying and discrimination: Iowa’s Safe Schools Law and Iowa’s amended Civil Rights Law.

We know that for these laws to be effective—they must be enforced.  The Make it Real Manual is for students and offers practical tips and information so you can receive the support and benefits the law provides.  We’ll help you understand how your schools must follow the law and stop harassment and how you should report harassment when it happens.  Imagine a school where everyone feels safe.  Imagine a school without hate.  Imagine it, then, make it real.

The manual is currently being prepped for printing and once available, will be here for download! To know when it’s ready, fill out the Interest Form to receive our Email Newsletter!