Certification Element: Leadership

Support for creating and maintaining a safe school must start at the highest points of school leadership – the principal, vice principal and/or other administrators. Without leadership support, teachers often feel that they cannot make the necessary changes. Strong leadership that models and guides a vision of safe schools will help inspire the rest of the school community.


A successful safe school environment is much more likely to be achieved when a leadership team that includes the school’s administrators as well as representatives from across the school community is appointed to guide the formation of a plan and keep the school community accountable. A successful leadership team:


·         Holds regular meetings to review progress and listen to the community

·         Works to create buy-in from the school community

·         Ensures that all voices of the school community are engaged

·         Gathers information to understand school climate

·         Seeks to access outside resources that help make the school safer

·         Develops and adjusts school safety plans