Safe schools are community assets. They set the stage for the community and serve as a barometer for future growth. Safe schools help a community thrive. Having one of your schools become certified can set your community apart.

We encourage you to ask your schools to become certified. Schools that apply and are admitted will get access to an innovative program that is helping schools realize the necessary steps needed to make their school one of the safest in the nation. The program is fee-free, incentive based and completely voluntary. Schools get: one-on-one, year-round support from staff, tools for school safety and the prestige of becoming safe school certified.

Communities can help schools who are working toward certification by

  • Understanding its role in reinforcing quality behavior beyond the school’s walls
  • Publishing the school’s accomplishments in the paper, high-lighting safe school work
  • Donating food items for staff in-service days, where educators will be further developing their skills in bullying prevention or during a school diversity fair
  • Provide support to school boards and administrators letting them know how much you support the schools efforts to reduce harassment and bullying

There are so many ways communities can and will support schools who take part in this prestigious endeavor! We’re excited to hear from schools about how their communities are helping them combat bullying and harassment. To stay up-to-date on this program, please fill out our interest form which will keep you informed through our Email Newsletter (click here).

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