Certification Element: Buy-In

For a safe school plan to be successful, all members of the school community—from the cafeteria workers and school bus drivers to the teachers and students—must actively support and engage with its principles. To build this buy-in, all members of a school community must feel that they have a voice in contributing to the safe school plan and that their role in creating and maintaining a safe school environment is recognized and respected. Strategies to build buy-in include:


·         Hosting conversations or town-hall discussions with school community members to understand the challenges they face

·         Working to allay concerns about how safe school plans may affect existing work, responsibilities, or burden

·         Choosing strategies that complement work already being done

·         Recognizing the unique role each member of the community plays and the unique contributions they may add to a safe school plan

·         Having flexibility to adapt or change a plan based on feedback from school community members