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Two Documentaries on Bullying Take Different Approaches

Two different approaches are on view this week, as the Cartoon Network premieres its first original documentary, “Speak Up,” at the Stuart-Hobson Middle School in Washington with Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, while Harvey Weinstein and the makers and fans of the documentary “Bully” fight to change its R rating.

Bullying And Suicide: The Dangerous Mistake We Make

Mental health professionals and those who work in suicide prevention say bullying-related suicides that reach the spotlight are painted far too simplistically. Bullying and suicide can indeed be connected, though the relationship between the two is much more complicated than a tabloid headline might suggest.

How Bad is Bullying at Your School? Ask Students

We cannot assume that just because we don’t see bullying it’s not happening. I resolve to ask my students from now on directly if they are being harassed on an active basis. I will make it part of my daily conversations with students and their families.